The Healthcare Plug

The Healthcare Plug was founded in July of 2020, and is based out of its pilot city: Atlanta, Georgia. This platform will increase the access that marginalized groups have to the highest quality of healthcare possible. We will accomplish this by connecting patients with doctors who look like them, can genuinely relate to them, and have a reputation for listening to and caring about their patient’s needs.

Simoine Kenya

Meet the Founder

Simoine Kenya is an advocate for racial health equity, who firmly believes that people have a right to be healthy, regardless of socioeconomic or environmental disadvantages.

She recently completed her Master’s Degree in Health Informatics at Morehouse School of Medicine, and is also a proud Alumna of Meharry Medical College where she earned a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences.

Simoine founded The Healthcare Plug out of her love and passion for her community, and simply because she knows that Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous patients deserve better. As an aspiring physician, she feels compelled to selflessly contribute to the change she wants to see in the field of health and healing.

She believes that barriers to high-quality healthcare are avoidable, and needlessly impact the health of patient populations that are already neglected, overlooked, and overburdened. She has helped family members and friends navigate the difficult U.S. healthcare system, and is ready to do the same for others on a larger scale.


Our Mission

Why we’re here

The status quo in America has been to accept that Black and Brown people deserve less. Less access to information, less access to money, less opportunity, less safety, and lesser chances of innocence and survival, among other things. 

The Healthcare Plug was founded to put an end to this cycle.